Cheating Adjudication

Cheating Adjudication


Introducing The Learning Guard
Cheating Adjudication System

Help your school dramatically reduce incidents of cheating, and ensure consequences are handed out evenly and fairly.

One of the main reasons that cheating has become so pervasive is that schools do not have adequate systems in place to address incidents of cheating, and take measures to reduce them. That’s why Learning Guard has developed the first of its kind Cheating Adjudication System.

This internal guidance tool is designed to help you develop a system that reflects your school’s philosophy, and will assist you in:

  • Defining different types of cheating and rating them by severity
  • Setting specific consequences for cheating instances to guide judiciary process
  • Ensuring cheating incidents are handled fairly and consistently
  • Showing a renewed commitment to cheating prevention

Defining Cheating and Its Consequences

The first step in combating cheating is to codify cheating and its consequences. This not only helps students understand how seriously the school takes cheating, but also instills confidence in teachers, who are more likely to report cheating, and ensures administrators and disciplinary boards handle cheating incidents in a fair and consistent manner.

Learning Guard addresses issues surrounding cheating using a systematic approach that helps schools create a rigorous but fair Cheating Adjudication System by providing deans, administrators, and disciplinary boards with a comprehensive list of different types of cheating, and guiding them through the process of assigning degrees of severity, and defining the possible consequences for first time and repeat offenders based on the school’s philosophy.

Ensuring Fairness Using Data Driven Reports

The real advantage of Learning Guard’s Cheating Adjudication System comes from the data driven reports that provide schools with a tool to analyze how incidents of cheating are handled, and ensure consequences are handed out evenly and fairly. Learning Guard’s platform enables teachers and administrators to enter information about cheating incidents, and how those incidents were handled. The system then generates reports that can break down incidents by course, gender, race, GPA, and other factors, and identify any biases by looking at whether consequences were more or less severe for these groups relative to the average.

These reports can then be used to identify problem areas, enabling schools to better discourage cheating, and catch it when it happens.

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