Guard Campus Rape Adjudication System

Guard Campus Rape Adjudication System

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Introducing The Learning Guard Campus Rape Adjudication System

Designed to help your academic institution address the campus rape epidemic via a workable and implementable system, Learning Guard now offers the Campus Rape Adjudication System. This breakthrough system clearly spells out perpetrator consequences while supporting victims.

The Issue of Campus Rape is epidemic

While the campus rape epidemic is receiving more and more attention in the media, there have been few tangible steps taken towards addressing this ever-growing crime.

Learning Guard’s Campus Rape Adjudication System allows universities and colleges to put a uniform system in place, a system that is designed to act as a powerful, deterrent and provide uniform punishment. These unique and easy to implement tools from Learning Guard can help your school address rape and other campus crimes.

The Learning Guard’s Campus Rape Adjudication System demonstrates your institution’s commitment to your students and will assist you in:

  • Using uniform crime reporting (UCR) for crime cases and rating them by severity
  • Setting specific consequences for campus rape and other crimes to guide judiciary consequences
  • Ensuring that all campus crime is handled efficiently and consistently
  • Creating a public awareness of campus rape and sexual assault

Providing Academic Institutions with a Range of Benefits

  • Title IX adherence and protection of public funding
  • University public relations
  • Deterrence for rape and sexual assault
  • Victim Support

Of greatest important, the Learning Guard Rape Adjudication System works as a deterrence to rape while simultaneously providing victim support.

Secondly, campus rape and the often extreme public relations consequences it brings can spell disaster for the reputation of an institution. The Learning Guard Rape Adjudication System can provide invaluable reputation protection for colleges and universities by demonstrating their commitment to protecting their students from rape and punishing perpetrators in a uniform manner.

Through the Rape Adjudication System, institutions show that they are in Title IX adherence and can protect their public and private funding. In short, the groundbreaking Learning Guard’s Rape Adjudication System protects students while simultaneously protecting instructions.

To learn more about how your school can benefit from Learning Guard, give us a call at 888-300-7647, or email us to schedule a consultation.