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Learning Guard Solutions

Comprehensive Solution

Our Cheating Adjudication System is only the first step in a Comprehensive Solution that will reduce incidents of cheating through regular affirmation of cheating policies, and integration with other solutions designed to make it more difficult to cheat, foster ethics, deter cheating, and catch it when it occurs.

Our Comprehensive Solution is still in development, and expected to arrive in 2017. In the meantime, our Cheating Adjudication System will help clarify your school’s cheating policies, standardize consequences, ensure those consequences are being handed out evenly and fairly, and identify any weaknesses or biases in your school’s efforts to deal with this increasingly common problem.

In addition to the Adjudication System, our comprehensive solution will include:

Regular Affirmation

Research shows that the more students are reminded of the school’s policies on cheating, the less likely they are to cheat. Learning Guard’s Affirmation System will give schools the ability to have students affirm they have read, understand, and have or will abide by the school’s cheating policies and honor code every time they hand in an assignment, or take a quiz or test, and can be tailored to meet each school’s individual needs based on the school’s philosophy.  

 Biometric Student ID Verification

Biometric verification has the potential to revolutionize cheating prevention and detection, particularly for classes were tests, coursework, and assignments are done online. Learning Guard is partnering with a biometric verification provider using state of the art technology to offer the first of its kind Biometric Student ID Verification System.

 Integration with Cheating Detection and Mitigation Solutions

Learning Guard is partnering with organizations that provide other solutions to curb and catch cheating, such as plagiarism detection and online proctoring services. Data from these tools will be integrated into comprehensive reports that show an institution’s areas of vulnerability, which can then be used to develop more robust solutions to help prevent cheating, and make sure it is handled properly when it occurs.

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