New Cheating Adjudication System Combats Ever-growing Epidemic of Academic Cheating

Today, Learning Guard announces a Cheating Adjudication System designed to address the growing societal and academic problem of cheating

BRICK, N.J., May 18, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Launched today, Learning Guard was expressly created to help combat cheating, which is one of the greatest single threats facing the future of education. The Learning Guard system is a well-researched and logical system designed to dramatically reduce this ever-growing problem that happens so often, yet has so few solutions. This clear, flexible and customizable system defines cheating and empowers institutions with organized, effective and fair adjudication tools.

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New technological developments including smartphones and the Internet have fueled a “golden age” of cheating, which threatens the integrity of degrees and, in turn, professional competence. This fact will in time lead to an erosion in the quality of every profession and will undermine trust in those professions and society as a whole. The lack of a meaningful cheating prevention system has allowed cheating across the academic spectrum to flourish.

To date, there has been no effective counterbalance to the growing cheating epidemic. Learning Guard’s solution offers the academic world a robust cheating policy and adjudication process; it’s a new and powerful system for reducing cheating while fostering ethics.

Dr. Bernard Bull, the Assistant Vice-President of Academics at Concordia University stated, “I believe the simple and elegant proposed solution by Learning Guard can help organizations make great strides in fostering a school culture of honesty and integrity.”

Students sign an honor code when enrolling and sign an affirmation with signature capture. Before every graded assignment and test, they affirm that they are not cheating. In the case that cheating does occur, the individual’s name, ID and the specific infraction are entered into the system. Instructors along with students have access to a learning institution’s chosen consequences for the given infraction, general guidelines for the infraction and more.  Learning Guard also ensures that consequences are given fairly. To date, many educational institutions have gained a reputation for treating most instances of cheating lightly with the exception of punishments that result when cheating scandals go public.

Identity verification is another key part of the Learning Guard system. For online education, the process of student verification has been streamlined by implementing biometrics, interfacing with plagiarism detection, proctoring and future solutions. It is a data driven assessment tool that reports on the underlying vulnerable areas of cheating.

Founder Aaron Possick has taught and lectured on the importance of ethical principles and the role of ethics in a just society. He noted, “Research has clearly shown that the proper reinforced compliance methods make a tremendous difference. They will lower cheating rates.”

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Learning Guard provides a complete anti-cheating solution that is fair, efficient and consistent. This comprehensive cheating solution consists of a set of cheating prevention and detection tools as well as intuitive records database and fluid user interface. Learn more by visiting

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